Search engine optimization, or SEO, is one of the premier ways that a website can be found today. Without these parameters in place, web design fails to get the attention of search engines. To do this properly, there are a lot of different things that need to get done. However, there are some simple tips and tricks that can boost visibility, and create traffic. The following are just a few simple SEO tips for web design that can be used immediately to help with ranking better overall.

Create a Blog

Blogging is a big deal when it comes to the world of SEO. It can help drive traffic, create conversions for webstores, and provide user information to a wide audience. Starting a blog is a great way to introduce SEO tactics into a website, and can bring about a great deal of back link generation, attention, and more. A simple blog does not have to be complex, and can be updated with a content management system such as WordPress with relative ease.

Speed Up Pages

Another tip to the overall SEO puzzle is to speed up pages. Page loading is a major component of how search engines rank web pages today. To speed up a site, code must be clean, concise, and images must be properly optimized for their placement online. There are a number of ways to speed up a website, and it’s important to get this done early and often, to ensure that search engine rankings are high.

Cut The Clutter

There was a time when a good website needed a lot of options, menu navigation, and more to get the attention of search engines. That is no longer the case. Simple is better when it comes to design and SEO. Focus on simplicity in terms of user experience, and you’re going to find that there is a great deal of opportunity and benefit that comes through with design and SEO overall.