What is your page speed? Is the quality of your page where it should be? How about your Dwell time? If you have no idea what we these terms seem to mean or even if you do, it may be time to consult with a web designer and someone why knows about SEO. Just in case you have no clue what SEO is, well will tell you that those three letters are super powerful on the internet. They stand for search engine optimization, and they are how the search engines work. As someone sets out on a journey to find anything online, they type on what wen design experts call keywords or search terms. Those words and SEO go hand in hand. In fact, this is how a web search works and how any website gets lost or found. 

Let’s say that you sell widgets and have a website. If you know your customers and potential customers call them ‘DA Gadget,’ this would be a term you would want to tell your SEO and website design person about. When they set up your website and start using SEO, they will use that keyword and do their best to get you listed under that search term. This will make it easy for your customer to find you. By using search engine optimization, your web designer is helping people to find you and helping you to get listed in the search engines without going against the terms set up by the search engine. Everyone who has a website needs to have great SEO and have their potential clients find them. Using SEO may not be the only way to get your target market to find you online but, it certainly is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways. Just ask your web designer to help you with your SEO and they will be more than happy to make recommendations.